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At Hooked on Fishing we know Beaver Lake like the back of our hand! We know where the fish live, the best baits to use, and how to change it up according to the weather and time of year to make it a memorable fishing trip!

Xieng and Juan are transplants to Northwest Arkansas that share a common passion – fishing! They found that with their success in their personal time people were asking for tips, tricks and even for help on the lake. They wanted to share their experience and joy of fishing with others and Hooked on Fishing Guide Services was born!

Enjoy a Great Time on Beaver Lake!


Crappie & Striper


Looking for a fun fight, some great eating fish or even just the simple joy of catching a fish?! Look no further! 

We specialize in crappie and striper fishing on Beaver Lake, Arkansas. Whether you’re a catch and grease angler or catch and release, come on out and let’s make some memories of a lifetime!


Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas has a vast variety of species living in it. We focused on dropping fish attractors and fish fry habitat during slow months to ensure we bring you the best guided fishing trip experience possible. 

We know where they live, how to bait hooks with just the right bait to entice their bite and we know what to do with the different seasons of fishing and even weather changes! 

This isn’t just a business for us  – it’s a passion in order to share the fun and joy we get from fishing these great lakes!


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Our Guides

Xieng Chanthavong is from the Dallas Fort Worth area and has been in NWA for 16 years. Juan Granados is from Santa Barbara California. Both of our guides have a passion for fishing and enjoy helping fish habitats and seeing/helping people enjoy catching fish.

Xieng Chanthavong

Juan Granados

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